Awesome Features

Make the most out of your Whoo app account!

  • Radar

    Hit the “radar button” to explore people around you. Anytime, anywhere!

  • Profile tab

    All profiles must contain at least 1 social media account linked. So you are always dealing with the real people.

  • Charts

    Do you Rock or Explore? Depending on your activity or attractiveness, you may find yourself in charts. Once you get the attention, you will never lose it.

  • Chat

    Did you found someone interesting? Make an instant connection!

  • Multichat

    Start a chatroom that’s only visible to people around you. Such a cool way to never get lost in any topic!

  • Filters

    Looking for someone specific? Set up a filter to see only relevant fellas.

Why should I use the app?

Simply said, there is no other service that directly shows you people in the perimeters you daily stick to. You can decide whether to use the Whoo app as a social discovery app, a dating app or an ultimate stalking tool.

Easy to Use

Our designer team is working hard to make you feel comfortable in the app from the first moment.

Explore new people

You’d never believe how many astonishing people vibe around you – and what if the most interesting person in your area is you? The radar will tell you!


We put so much effort into keeping the Whoo app as clean as possible – no anonymous people in the app, no harassment in the app. Just beautiful people.


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Whoo app team

We are standing behind the app that makes networking much smoother. It’s such a pleasure to meet you!

Daniel Čačala

Daniel Čačala


Martin Kubečka

Martin Kubečka


Matej Aštary

Matej Aštary


Peter Altof

Peter Altof


Ján Aštary

Ján Aštary


Frequently Asked Questions

Things you might be shy to ask 🙂

Nope, the app is all free.

Absolutely not. The radar only shows your presence in various perimeters, not the exact position. We do care about everyones safety so we’re keeping this process both useful and safe.

We’re sorry to say that there’s no other way to enter the app than having at least 1 social media account connect to your Whoo app profile. Why? You can see social media accounts of others, so they deserve to see yours.


First, make sure to allow the localization services on your smartphone. If the problem remains, you might be at the very remote place so there’s really nobody around you. Though, this never happens in most of the places – if you suspect a technical issue, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll solve the issue ASAP.

Absolutely. We’d be so sorry to see you leaving, but if you decided to do so, simply open the Settings and press the Remove my account button on the very bottom of the page.


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